wordless-stanza Yes! It is called Scientific Graphing Calculator in the App Store and created by William Jockusch. It is $2.99 and you can graph up to 10 equations at once, graph inequalities, complex numbers, it is CRAZY GOOD! Obvious there is the initial iPad purchase one would need to consider, but THINKABOUTTHETEACHINGOPPORTUNITIESOFTHISAPP! Also never could you get this to be an app you could use on a test.

This morning is gorgeous. The rain is passing. The air is crisp. Coffee is hot. This would be better if I had JoBot coffee and could be sitting at home. I’m not gonna complain though this moment is lovely.

In Which I Set Out to Think Some Thoughts

Why do some of those who identify as diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa decide to be vehmently anti-ProAna? There are arguments about the ProAna community being about promotion and glorification. There are arguments that ProAna individuals are longing to be thin and are attempting to attain the thin ideal with crash diets. There are arguments that a ProAna individual could stop crash dieting at any time. There are arguments that ProAna is promoting a mental illness as a diet which ignores the complicated nature of an Eating Disorder. I would like to argue that anyone who is struggling to recover from any Eating Disorder should not in anyway engage with any ProAna or ProMia community. In the end I will attempt to provide an answer to my question. This is a complicated subject so this will require several posts.
Part 1 - Promotion and Glorification
Part 2 - The Thin Ideal and Crash Diets
Part 3 - Stopping a Crash Diet
Part 4 - The Complicated Nature of Eating Disorders
Part 5 - Do Not Engage
Part 6 - Why be Vehmently Anti-ProAna?

I do not have a specific timeline as to when I will release each part, I am just going to make the attempt as fast as I can. I have done some of the research, I need to do some more. So this may take some time.

My view this morning. I have an hour and 10 minutes to sit, drink coffee, and do something related to writing. I’ve decided this is something related to writing.

Did you know I could spend $3 and get a calculator app more powerful than the $180 calculator I had in high school?

I’ll get back to you on how I feel about this when I am done playing with the app.

Hahaha very funny. I get all these messages and now no one  is talking. Is my inbox telling me it is broken?

Hahaha very funny. I get all these messages and now no one is talking. Is my inbox telling me it is broken?


FACT: You can’t get Ebola through air, water, or food in the U.S. Learn more about what we’re doing to respond.

My fluffy monster likes to hug my hand and get a chest scratch

Yup. I have to say it again. I love my iPad. This changes everything kids! I am all about the tablet life! Also my yellow case is adorbs!

I love the last efforts plants make to keep summer around. I’m also excited to say Fall is here with all the leaves falling!



I think all the pressure that I put on myself has been paralyzing. When I graduated from high school, a lot of people wrote in my yearbook: ‘You’re going to do great things,’ or ‘I know you’re going to make it big.’ I realized recently that with all the time I spent trying to figure out what my ‘big thing’ was going to be, I passed over a lot of small things that could have really added up. The moment I became content with taking small steps, I started moving forward again.”

(Mexico City, Mexico)

THIS. Especially the bolded part. 

I don’t know what to say. If I set goals to write out my thoughts here I will ignore them like the dandelions in my backyard. If I have an idea I really want to write out I will avoid it like a viral stricken child. If I have no idea what I want to do or say I will write out everyone of my thoughts like a nervous dog peeing on everything, it smells and it is annoying.
So you know I’m stuck in ambivalence land. Wanna join me?

#tongueouttuesday #dogmom

Cheeks for days! My littlest charge is just the sweetest little sleeper!

I get to be here. It is bliss.