I get off work early AND Dylan cuddles my face! I’m in heaven!!! #dogmom

Well see my genes are so bad they look like jeans! Well see my genes are so bad they look like jeans!

Thanks. I tried to enjoy it. The fruit was good but I got so tired of chewing. The muffin was good I just couldn’t help but make sure I was drinking liquid at the same time in case I wanted to…you know. The coffee was good.
I’m doing my best to keep it down. I forgot how much a shrunk stomach can feel sick with too much food. :-/
I tell my therapist things today and I don’t know that I will eat much because of that. I am worried I’ll throw up during my session if I do.
I have a half day at work today. So maybe I’ll get home early and take a nap and try the food thing again later.

I am an awful person. You just don’t know it. :-/

Ouch! I forgot what a restriction headache felt like. Not nice!
No worries! I am sitting down with coffee, a fruit cup, and a muffin. So I’ve gotten that far.

Pretty sure my body hurts but I’m too tired to feel anything.

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix in Braille, 13 volumes! (at Thomas Jefferson Building)

On my walk to work I asked Siri what time it was and she said, “7:53am, good morning.” She said it in this really chipper voice and I said, “Shut up Siri!” No one asked for her opinion!


no matter how sad I am this never fails to make me laugh

(via gindifferent)

I got a voicemail from an unknown number, the number is literally unknown, and all the voicemail says is, “…………*ding* Thank you very much and goodbye for now……..”

Hanging out at the fountain (at National Gallery Of Art Sculpture Garden)

“It’s a letdown if the comedian doesn’t finally actually really sit on his hat.”

I’m so tired today. Why is all these sleep so painful??

There is a reason why saying, “Seconds from death” is a good thing to someone with an eating disorder. I will get to that in a moment. I despise the saying.

I have a problem with it because the morning I woke up and felt sicker than ever before and my body hurt all over, the afternoon I was moaning in bed and the nurse was confused why my body was failing in so many ways, I knew this was going to take some time and it was going to hurt. It had already been a long process to get my body to that point where it began to break apart and hurt. It was going to continue to take a long process to get my body to finally give up and die. So I disagree, I was never seconds from death because death was unattainable. Death would never happen because the hurt my body felt was the freezing of time before entering a black hole. The slow process of never reaching infinity. 

You have to believe you were seconds from death so you never go back. That’s why they repeat that phrase over and over, so you believe it. They tell us 100 is a large number, it’s a lie and a truth, we believe it so we don’t spend our days counting to infinity.