Drinking nutrition agrees with my mouth and jaw. This is way better!!! Also I’m not eating just bananas. I got spaghetti-os and noodles. Things that are soft and easy to swallow.
I did find this awesome chocolate peanut butter powder cause I wanted some fat in my smoothies and protein. And there isn’t much fat in it :-/ It tastes good though.

Get close to the metro trains!!

Bean loves having them lined up

Bean’s favorite thing is all 5 of his metro trains

“A lot of novels bully us into assenting to their importance. I’m tired of that.”

Ya I’ve decided I won’t be eating solid foods until my mouth heals. If the food won’t taste good blended then I won’t eat it. My mouth hurts so bad I need some time not putting rough objects in my mouth.

Alright, so kids it is finally Friday. And I think this weekend I will CURL UP ON THE COUCH! Shocking, I know! My mouth still hurts. I woke up every 3 hours all night and it sucked. Someone forgot to take her sleep meds so she slept through the pain. Anyway, one more 9 hour day and it is the weekend!!! If I could I would spend 48 hours pouring this numbing gel on my gums. I guess for now I’m going to have to try to survive. I think I’ll eat bananas all weekend to keep things soft maybe add some baby food? I don’t want to end up being the American banana girl, fuck that shit. I gotta go, gotta grab coffee on my way in to work today. Someone ran out….

Tonight I asked my therapist for a hug and she said yes. So I got a hug.

Ok moments where I’m not in a position to take one of the pain meds or use the gel I really hate life….like a lot. My mouth is imploding on itself. Please send help!!!! OUCH!!!!!!

Orajel has numbed my mouth. Advil is begin to lessen my mouth pain. Cold meds are working on suppressing my cough. I think this is going well!

I am armed with the following:
Cold meds
And cotton swabs

I am set for the best apocalypse and for making myself feel better.

Back Injury
Kidney Infection
Mouth swelling and pain

Basically my body has made it known that it is in pain. Those are the things I can’t control, let’s not talk about the choices I make to inflict pain on my body. I’m not sure who is winning at this point. We are probably at, or close to, a tie.

it’s so unfair that your body keeps deciding to stay ill and it’s been way too long now and I wish I could help :/

Ya I don’t know what to do either. Maybe start taking care of myself or something. I swished some hydrogen peroxide so maybe that might help. But the thing is that because I had 4 days of no interest in food because of my cold I am no super hungry…so that means putting food in my mouth. Which is killing me so I might do the hydrogen peroxide again to see if I can get a night of clean but then there is the fact I can’t breath through my nose so I will likely ruin that with open mouth breathing. Anyway, I’m in a losing battle for the time being. So back to So You Think You Can Dance

not good!!!

It really is not good! It hurts so bad no matter how much Tylenol I take. It is so swollen and I might cry. I’m really just a huge walking mess.

Fuddruckers! #igdc (at Gallery Place)