Pho!! That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen!! #pho #photruck #phojunkies (at National Guard Association of the United States)


doctor: I’m afraid you have a rare disease called onomatopoeia
patient: is it serious?
doctor: it’s just as bad as it sounds

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FRIENDLY REMINDER that walking on grass is the same as physically assaulting a human being!!! :) grass is a plant and therefore has life and feelings and should be treated with dignity and respect!!! :) also it is an EXTREME personal and cultural slight to those who identify as grasskin or other plantkin!!! if i ever see one of you in person and you’re walking on grass you will be unfollowed blocked and deleted from the internet!!! :) uwu :)))

Grass is a way to limit space in our society. It’s a way to force people to take a certain path. Grassy areas are typically public spaces (though not always) and due to the popularity of, “Keep off the grass.” Many people feel an aversion to stepping on it.
Grass is a strong substance that bounces back after being stepped on. It utilizes photosynthesis as a means to acquire energy. It does not have feelings. Go back to biology and social studies class. Check your science and your privilege. Also take your sarcasm and shove it Tumblr.

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I’m drunk…it’s Wednesday…and I ran…it’s a thing I do after I have drinks with guys I try to be friends with…so now I’m “coping” because I told my therapist I would…my heart is not into this.


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“Self-criticism comes in during gaps where I lose my focus, or sometimes when I’m up in front of a room giving a reading and I’m unexpectedly mortified, and there’s nothing else to do but to continue reading with an air of confidence while thinking, How could you write such sick fucking stuff?”

An interview with writer Dodie Bellamy.

Ouch! Well that’s a fat cheek…hot sauce was a bad idea.


4pm and BEAUTIFUL! DC stop! You are spoiling me!! (at National Gallery Of Art Sculpture Garden)

Wow did everyone finally sleep last night? Gez! Wow.
Well go everyone for getting sleep or finding other things to do.

If I curl up to sleep without Dylan he will find his way in to his nook. He has to cuddle. By the middle of the night he sleeps at my feet but first we cuddle! #dogmom

I don’t know that I have talked about my roommate’s regular habit of counting up his calories of the day while his chicken cooks on the grill and his smoothie blends. 

I want to swipe his little moleskin book away from him and rip it apart. I want to scream at him, “IT DOESN’T MATTER!” 

I want to tell him, “This is stupid and you have a brain to tend to so please for the love of your brain, eat what you want but don’t count the fucking calories.”

Then I come up stairs and pull out my hidden food and write this stupid post.

Fuck it. It doesn’t matter. He doesn’t have an eating disorder. Cause it doesn’t really come down to the calorie counting, you should see the man function in life, he does it. He lives his life, he travels to Istanbul for work. He tries different foods and goes home and watches tv afterwards. He enjoys granola and Chinese food.

Me? I’m a bulimic who loses weight when she binges and purges. Give me 15 more pounds and I’ll show you my purging anorexic side. My brain that can’t function. The way I turn into a food focused imbecile. I would lose my place to sleep before I lose the chance to binge and purge. I won’t go to grad school, email editors who are asking for a sample of my work, or try to pitch an idea I have because I’m butt hurt scared. Because for me calories matter. My brain doesn’t matter, I don’t matter. I will punish myself to death because I’m afraid someone else will do it when it was supposed to be my job. 


"The Library" by explodingdog

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Thank you gindifferent for being so nice to me. I’m trying so hard to return the favor and make sure you know I care about you (way more than I do myself). I really want to be there for you. I am so sorry if I’ve failed you this week.

In other news while behaviors and thoughts haven’t completely changed, I took a small step. I did some walking meditation this morning on my way to work. It didn’t change my thoughts. It doesn’t change my choices to continue the behavior of binging and purging. It is just one thing. Maybe over time things might shift, little by little.

We will see, I suppose.